Two friends

And a little update on Lola, who’s also been out here at KCJ Stables since mid-April.

We are loving having her and Jasmine here. They share a pasture off the back of the owner’s house and as we”ve mentioned over on Jasmine’s thread, he’s got a special love for Arabians so Lola is part of an (almost) all Arabian inhabited area of the farm we call Arabian Plateau. 

She’s adorable and is a hit with the other boarders. Having these girls here has really put a face to the stories and made it a lot more personal. I’m really glad to see that these two and other horses, like Sinatra, have been able to get out to public facilities where they get some exposure and people can see what wonderful horses they are.

Lola is very animated and curious. Jasmine is very much the alpha between them but Lola likes to make sure she gets your attention and is quite nosy actually. I’ve noticed that she’s taking on more grown up horse like features but she’s so compact and petite that she still carries that look of a baby. From my calculations, she’s about the same age as my gelding, Basil but they have about the same level of maturity (or perhaps, lack thereof) but he’s 15+ hands and she’s pony sized and not as intimidating. I will say that she’s quite patient and a sweet girl on the lead. In fact the day we were hauling her, Jasmine wasn’t convinced she wanted to get in the trailer and Lola stood by patiently in-hand while we took about 20 minutes to get Jasmine in. Once that happened Lola hopped in like a pro and the attitude of “what’s the problem with YOU, Jasmine…sheesh!!”

We give them both a little turnout in the arena periodically and they both seem to like to get out and stretch their legs. The first video is of them running together and the second is a short of one just Lola, complete with her flagged Arab tail!!!