We were contacted today by the person who bred Lola and owned her at the beginning of her life. Here is information about her registration and breeding:

Registered name: JMJ CALA LILLY — HAHR*1A367932
Foal date: 29 Jun 2008

Her story: I gave her dam, Cami to a lady in Idaho three weeks after (Lola) was born because she had some of (Lola)‘s relatives and wanted her and Cami as riding horses. At the time I was out of work so it was a hard choice to send them away. The lady sent me photo updates every couple weeks and then about November 2008 I never heard from her again. I have been trying to contact the lady ever since. Her phone’s disconnected and it shows she no longer owns the property I delivered the horses to in Idaho. How they got to Snohomish county I have NO idea.

She sent us this video of Lola’s birth: