Amelia has turned out to be a phenomenal riding partner! Over the last month or so, she’s been ridden consistently in the round pen, the big arena, and out on the trails. She has really shown herself to be a steady, confident horse. She does have a hard time cantering, so we just stick to walking and trotting where she’s sound and comfortable. 

Amelia seems ready to be a kids’ horse, with help from parents or a trainer. We think she could even do 4‑H or just be a trail buddy.

We’ve been preparing Amelia to be pampered by kids, so we decided to dress her up to see how she liked it. She was a star! She stood quietly while we threw butterfly wings around her and tried on a million hats and headbands. 

Amelia keeps proving herself to be ready for her future best friend! And SAFE is proving that we’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure our horses are ready for anything!! Way to go, Amelia!

NOTE TO ADOPTERS: Please be aware that Amelia is on a special diet to prevent colic — she can’t eat hay or be on grass so she only eats Senior Feed. She eats about 14 pounds of Senior each day, which puts her monthly feed cost at about $200 per month.