Louie moved a few weeks back to a foster home where he is being ridden and worked on a regular basis. He’s making great progress — really filling in along his topline too. We were very excited to get this great update from his foster mom, Lisa, along with some handsome photos!! Here’s what Lisa has to report about Louie’s progress:

Hi guys! I sent a few ‘naked’ pictures of Louie about a week ago but here are some from one of our hacks into my yard — in one of them he’s looking at the chicken coop but you can see that he is amazingly relaxed and doesn’t mind leaving his barn friend to go on little adventures. He seems to really enjoy it. We haven’t done any longer outings than around the block twice (he was fabulous) but I can tell he’s going to make an amazing trail partner for someone. Very sensible and bomb-proof type mentality and certainly not spooky or herd-bound. 

In other news, he is progressing well under saddle, feeling stronger every day. If I take a few minutes to longe him before getting on he feels much less sticky going up to trot. We are cantering both ways, about 20M circle staying sort of round. Left lead is harder to get than right lead. I have also played with just single trot poles which he very willingly works over. Today we cantered over one.

Veterinarian Kelly Taylor is coming in about 10 more days to do some bodywork/chiro on him again. In the meantime he seems comfortable, just working on getting the back strength and ability to stretch down and really use his butt and back. But he comes out with a great attitude and tries hard to do what I am asking. The occasional tap with the whip if he doesn’t want to go or use his butt goes a long way! He is definitely sensitive.

If we continue to do more hacking and trail riding I would like to see him in shoes or boots, even on the gravel of our road he seems to take an ouchy step here and there, so we can discuss whether you have a set of boots to loan out or if we should look at getting him shoes soon. For his conditioning as well as the way he seems to light up and enjoy it — I really want to take him out on some longer outings this fall/winter.