We’ve gotten a great update on Louie who moved to a great new foster home this past weekend. We’d also like to welcome Lisa to the SAFE family as a new foster “mom”!

Louie has settled in great at his new foster home. He and the other Arab gelding — Shazam — have hit it off. In addition, we have a lot going on in our neighborhood — sometimes screaming kids on the trampoline across the road, people using power tools, and vehicles on the move. He has proven to be sensible and calm, though alert, with all of it. He ate, drank, and pooped like a champ reported Sherene, the barn owner. This morning I decided to take him out for a quick ride and he came right up to me at the gate, willingly let me groom him and do all of his ‘carrot stretches’ in a new place, and then passed through the ‘goat gauntlet’ (small field of 2 baby goats) into the arena where we had a nice ‘get to know each other’ ride of walk, trot, and even a few steps of canter. 

Overall I am so pleased and excited to continue working with him on his strength and conditioning. I think he is going to make a super partner for someone, based on this extremely sensible beginning at a new and busy location. We are so excited!