Freya is a sweet and lovable Morgan type mare, and for a gal in her 30’s, she is very healthy! When our vet got a first look at her teeth they were impressed! That means she still gets most of her nutrients from the hay we feed her and doesn’t need to live off of grain like a many senior horses. We do give her a little seniorfeed, just for the nutrients, but overall, this lady is on no medications. Freya takes life in stride, loves other horses and looks out for her buddies. When turned out with other horses she is very respectful if the other horse is the boss. She says “Ok, no biggie, I’ll move out of your way.”

Her gentle nature gave us the chance to give our volunteers the opportunity to learn how to properly lead and groom a horse. With Freya as the model, we know everyone will be safe and taken care of. At this point in her life, she wouldn’t be good for saddling and going on long rides, but we would be open if a family occasionally wanted to put a kid on her bareback and take short walks. Her ideal home could be someone looking for a horse to teach their kids the responsibility of caring for a horse or maybe someone who needs a companion pet that they can groom and love on. Freya loves attention and stands enjoying each moment of her scratches and massages.

Freya is worth her weight in gold for how gentle she is and her sweet nature. Here at SAFE we are more accustomed to horses with behavior issues due to neglect and mistreatment, so it has been a delight having a gentle, wise mare like Freya. She just goes with the flow. Trailering, vet vistis, farrier, coming into a stall after many years, that is no big deal for Freya! In her short time here she has already helped our volunteers expand their education and is a joy to be around. We are excited to find Freya the perfect home to live out her golden years.

Freya was recently interviewed by The Limelight Pet Project to be featured on Fox 13. Check out their full interview here: