stormy_09_20_2016_01Please think healing thoughts for Stormy, who will be undergoing surgery today to remove her left eye. Her friend King accompanied her to Rainland Farm Equine yesterday afternoon, and the two should be returning to Safe Harbor on Friday if everything goes as planned. We are very hopeful that Stormy’s quality of life will be improved when she is no longer feels the pain that her damaged eye has clearly been causing her. SAFE is immensely grateful to Trisha and Ryan, who have made an incredibly kind and generous donation to pay for this veterinary procedure. Stormy has touched the hearts of so many people and it is beyond wonderful to know that our community is sending her their collective love today.

UPDATE: Stormy’s surgery could not have gone better, according to Dr McCracken. She is now resting comfortable with her good friend King standing watch beside her. The two should be able to return to Safe Harbor tomorrow if all continues to go well.