Here are some recent photos of our girl Karma, who continues to make phenomenal progress in partnership with Terry. In the under saddle photos you might notice that there is some string tied around Karma’s nose…Terry explains, “That string holds the bit up in Karma’s mouth. Karma was extremely abused before coming to SAFE. She has many issues and she still carries a lot of her stress in her mouth. So instead of pulling the bit extremely high on the sides of her mouth causing pressure, a string is used to hold the bit up with the brow band. It’s not tight or uncomfortable and doesn’t cause her any pain. Lifting the bit up keeps Karma from flipping her tongue over the bit. By not over-tightening the cheek pieces, the bridle sits comfortably without putting pressure on her mouth. I’ve only been on her a handful of times but she is already relaxing her tongue. Eventually she may have to go in a bitless bridle but part of our job is to see if this can be fixed and assess her as a safe riding partner.”