Just wanted to give an update on Lucky. He’s been transitioned off his racing plates and is currently barefoot. He is a bit sore and did blow a big abcess right away but is doing well now and sporting a barefoot trim. All his cuts and dings have healed and he is living with my yearling that he gets to boss around. He has finally started to gain weight and look much better, for a while there he wasn’t gaining much and looked generally unthrifty with poor coat quality and just a bit run-down. This is to be expected as he goes through his letdown period from the racetrack. I will try to get some updated pictures this weekend, but he remains a very sweet boy and also continues to appear quite sound as he trots and gallops around his pasture. The plan is to give him the rest of the summer to let down from the track and get used to the pleasure horse lifestyle, then start working with him under saddle lightly this fall.