Mac headed to his new forever home in mid June. This confident gelding followed our staff right up onto Jerre’s beautiful trailer. He was great on the ride home and was slowly integrated with his new four legged girlfriends. Which was a perfectly drama free introduction! His new person, Jerre, has done a wonderful job with him and has a great feel. She understands his troubled areas and has a plan for helping through any issues. Mac has some trouble backing up and occasionally flipping himself when he feels panicked. This meant we had to find the perfect home and we are over the moon when we met Jerre.

Jerre keeps up with daily handling, mostly at liberty. She says Mac remains aloof, although carrots seem to help a little. Mac will be a great companion for Jerre’s riding mare as he gets along with every horse he meets, but doesn’t get overly upset when his buddy leaves for a few hours. He seems to be right at home from the get go and enjoys nap time with his new family.

Mac naps with his new herd