Sadly, Mac had a bit of an accident yesterday during turn in. He got bothered just outside the barn door, scrambled backwards, and fell onto a ceramic planter. He suffered two sizable lacerations on his left hind gaskin that needed emergency vet care immediately. Luckily Rainland Farm Equine’s Dr. Lewis was quick to arrive to his aid. She was able to clean and suture the top laceration but the bottom was too close to the hock joint and has too much movement for it to be closed from the outside. It was cleaned and packed. Mac’s entire leg is wrapped to help stabilize the injury site and hopefully allow for it to heal. He is on antibiotics and stall rest for the foreseeable future. Dr Lewis will be back out Wednesday to evaluate the healing and re-wrap his leg.

So far, on day 1 of stall rest, Mac has been a very good boy. He looks longingly out the window at the horses in turnout but he’s staying quiet and doesn’t seem upset. We hope for an uncomplicated healing time for this sweet boy. Accidents happen, but it is no fun when our friend is in pain. Luckily, we have some amazing staff ready to get him the help he needed and he should make a full recovery. Until he is 100% healed, we are taking him off the available list for adoption. Once he is back to work, we will get back to work to find him a home as a light riding horse and offer him for adoption again.