Kirsten L has been working with Bandit for well over a year now, and has the following to say about their time spent together during the March Joel Conner clinic:

In working with Bandit at our 6th Clinic together, the saying ‘one step at a time’ rings true. This 27-
year-old sweetheart of a mare continues to give and give and give as she is ready. She has become
much lighter and more responsive when bending, moving forward, and backing. The most
noticeable change is the pleasant expression and decrease in pinning ears when moving in a united
circle. She has also improved in backing and consistently lifts her feet when there is little pressure.
Not like the ‘old days’ when her front feet left trenches in the footing when she backed. We are still
working changing eyes from behind and I trust that if we keep taking one step at a time, she can
accomplish these pieces too and help her to become a more confident mare.”