Kaya M has been riding Edward as of late, and the two of them participated in the March Joel Conner clinic together. Here’s what Kaya has to say about their time:
“Edward and I had a little set back a couple months ago in the process of getting more life and have been working through a spot where Edward feels like he is going to take off, so I was really looking forward to getting some help from Joel during the clinic! We rode in the class for three days and in the days leading up to the clinic and in that time we got some good changes laterally, but mostly focused on getting life from my legs. It’s really important that Edward understand how to move off my leg both forward and laterally in order to help him be more with me and in my rectangle. This will help in moments when he feels nervous or like he’s going to take off because I will have tools to get him back with me. I’m looking forward to working on these things more with Eddy!”