Lexee N has been working and riding Jupiter for several months, and recently brought him into the March Joel Conner clinic. Here’s what she has to say about this handsome guy:

Jupiter is one of the sweetest, dopiest guys you could ever meet. And although his demeanor is what dreams are made of, his physical balance still needs quite a bit of work to keep him happy and comfortable. Jupiter like many quarter horses is built pretty downhill, with this comes with being heavy on the forehand. He has a hard time picking himself up and using his hind end to slow down. So this Joel clinic, the main goal was to find the best way to help instill more utilization of his hind end when he’s ridden. Asking him to drift his hind and work on hindquarters has been leading to some great changes to do this. Jupiter works hard and has a bright future once we can get through this sticky spot. Hopefully in the next 30 days we will see some big changes, making him much more ready for potential adoption.”