This mare has “try” in spades! One of the sweetest mares on the property, she is eager to meet you at the gate, accepting of everything asked of her and lets out the cutest nickers when you dismount. She LOVE her tummy scratches when you take off the saddle and stretches her nose out to reciprocate mutual grooming. If you haven’t realized it yet, this is a very special mare!

She has felt tremendously better with her front shoes. Wren is consistently picking up her right lead canter when before it was near impossible to strike off on the correct lead. We have transitioned seamlessly to the large arena and she remained connected to her rider in the bigger space. Wren joined the afternoon Horsemanship clinic with Joel Conner last week. She was a bit tight the first day but after warming up she had no issues with the other horses. We did play it safe, being only in the large arena a handful of times. Even when the energy of the other horses rose, she maintained her composure and her rider maintained her attention.

Wren has a big world to still experience but she has proved a very worthy riding partner. She is turned out to be a stunning quarter horse mare and with some new riding muscles she definitely turned heads and had everyone asking “who’s that mare?” She is ready to meet her next dance partner are you the one for her?