The Bradbury Family (Robert, Karen, Annalise and Jon) from Woodinville have been named Save a Forgotten Equine’s March Volunteers of the Month. They were selected for this honor because they are exceptional role models of a family supporting their child’s desire to volunteer. Each of them is hardworking and dependable, honoring their commitment to care for the SAFE horses each week.

Daughter Annalise was the catalyst behind getting the entire family involved with helping horses. She has been riding since the age of 6. About two years ago, Annalise wanted to volunteer at SAFE but was not yet the required age of 16, so mom and dad, Robert and Karen, signed up to volunteer with her. Once she turned 16, they just kept volunteering.

The family members each have different favorite horses at SAFE. Jon’s favorites are mini horses Sunny D and Shasta, SAFE’s ambassadors. Annalise’s favorite is also a mini – Ruckus (adopted last year) because he has a big, spunky personality. Karen thinks Tesara, a Paso Fino mare, is pretty sweet and Robert likes them all!

The family does not have horses of their own, but they do enjoy visiting Grandma’s horses in California. When not volunteering at SAFE, the family enjoys hiking, camping, playing games and being outside, exercising and occasionally binge watching favorite shows. Congratulations, Bradbury Family!