We have been so busy moving Safe Harbor Stables that we have neglected a few very important updates. Our sweet mare Marta has a new foster home. Marta’s long term foster mom and dad, Eileen and Andy, cared for her for many years as if she was their own. They loved her very much but at this time needed to move the horses off their property. SAFE is incredibly grateful for all their years of care to the SAFE horses that lived on their property and appreciate all the work and donations they gave to caring for them.

We had known that one of our alumni, Kat (now called Clover) needed a new friend after her adoptive brother passed away. We called Clover’s owner Susan and told her about Marta. Susan has 10 acres of horsy paradise with lots of room to spread their legs and enjoy life. After talking with Susan over the phone about the two mare’s personalities and that there was a good chance this would be a good match, Susan opened her heart and invited Marta to come live with her family.

Eileen and Andy brought Marta to her new foster home and with a few goodbye tears and hugs they introduced her to her new friend Clover. The two mares got along right away. Clover being the established matriarch of the pasture was kind and welcoming but also told Marta “this is how we do things around here.” They are settled in and have been very good companions.

They also have a very trust worthy protector named Toby. He is a 16- month old Great Pyrenees and a loyal companion and friend. He is already 34″ at the shoulder! That’s  the size of a pony so he gets along great with the horses and watches over the herd and land for any unwanted predators.

Susan reports that Marta is very sweet and calm. She follows Clover around the field and they come running in for their evening grain. Both are doing well and look forward to a great summer together.

Here are some photos of the girls together in a snowstorm in February and a photo of Toby and Marta.