MartaMs. Marta continues being her fancy “prancy” self.  Every morning, she puts on a show, arching her neck, snorting and trotting with her fabulous self-carriage.  She likes to remind us that her sire was the famous Probat and that many of her family members are National Champions.

Unfortunately, Marta’s heritage does not protect her from bug bites.  This fall has been tougher than usual with its bad combination of moisture and warmth.  The midges, gnats and other invisible annoyances have always caused irritation in Marta’s udder area; this year the irritation has moved to her ears as well.  Marta has also had a serious allergic reaction which caused much swelling all over her body. After a few days of Banamine and other fun drugs, she is now back to her usual spirited self.  We’re hoping for a nice freeze to kill off these pesky invisible flying critters very soon!

The vet commented that Marta looked like she was carrying twins.  Poor girl, being a brood mare for most of her life, she has a definite brood mare belly that will never go away.  Marta also has lost most of her upper back teeth due to earlier poor care. This is actually a plus because it helps her maintain a healthy weight without too much special care.

With the cooler temperatures on the way, I’m sure we’ll see Ms. Marta continue to prance about, especially when Shay is around to play with!