An update from Marta’s foster mom! Thank you, Eileen!!!!

Marta had her hooves done on the 21st  by the lovely and talented Greer Hei, farrier and horsewoman extraordinaire. Marta was a good girl as always. Whenever there is excitement, like the farrier visiting, or lots of wind and rain, it can sometimes cause some fancy prancing and snorting. Ms. Marta is, after all, exceptionally well bred and she likes to remind us all of this. However, she is an older lady and so the prancing and snorting is usually limited to a few brief moments and then she settles down and is very easy to handle.

The farrier remarked that Ms. Marta has nice movement for a twenty year old lady and I have to agree. Marta even choses to use her correct lead when cantering around in the pasture.

Marta still eats mostly mush and she is very happy to see you coming and nickers and whinnies when it is mealtime. Hay is also available for snacking when it is especially windy, rainy, or cold.

Marta heard the Budweiser Clydesdales were in town and so we had a day of beauty recently which included a mini photo shoot. You can’t be caught with a tangled mane and a muddy blanket when so many famous, handsome, eligible bachelors are in the neighborhood!