SAFE Barn Manager Lori M took her favorite guy Mason in the first day of the Joel Conner clinic. Here’s what Lori had to report:
On June 22nd, Mason and I participated in the Joel Conner clinic Friday morning groundwork session. Mason was feeling his oats that morning with all the clinic excitement! We started out in the round pen to work out some built up energy. Once we entered the arena for the clinic, we started working on yielding the fore quarters and hind quarters. Mason settled in right away and was a willing participant. Joel asked us to individually perform the hindquarters/forequarters maneuver while walking up and down the arena. I was so impressed with Mason. He performed this with ease and willingness. This was the best performance for him so far. Joel asked me what area we needed to work on. Mason and I  need to work on is yielding the hindquarters a little quicker. Joel said it was our best job yet. We continued to work on our groundwork. Backing in circles to break through some braces.
Mason continued to improve on his trust and confidence. It is a slow process with him and we make baby steps but he really has come so far since arriving at SAFE. I sure love this boy.