We are excited to announce our Volunteer of the Month, Naveen Puli! He has been at SAFE since May 2019. Naveen is always ready to jump in, learn new things and lend a helping hand. We are so grateful to have him on our team of volunteers.

How and when did you first get involved with horses?

Unfortunately, I never got involved with horses until I started volunteering at SAFE, except watching them on roads while someone was riding or handling. So, basically my first involvement with horses was at SAFE. But I grew up with a lot of bulls and cows, which we use for cultivation, so I think that bond with them strongly motivated me to help all animals and how important they are.

Do you have one now you want to tell us about?

I don’t, but I would love to get at least 5 horses when I go back to India.

What do you like most about volunteering with SAFE?

Firstly, I’m grateful to SAFE to be part of this great rescue journey, and special thanks to Founder, Bonnie!! Mostly I like the idea of providing shelter for horses until they find forever home. I love the people here who work and volunteer. And also, I learn a lot of knowledge when it comes to horsemanship about what it takes to run a barn, horse health, handling, chores, tools we use here at SAFE, management and planning skills, types of grain and hay, etc.

Nova and Naveen

Do you have a favorite SAFE horse? If so, why? 

One of the fillies, Nova, is my favorite horse because she is very sweet and friendly.

What do you do when you are not horsing around with us?

I’m an IT engineer at Boeing and I also have my own non-profit organization that I started with help of my childhood friends.  It’s about educating people in various fields to achieve their goals in order to have a better life.

Do you have family or special people in your life who support your volunteer work that you would want us to mention in your write-up?

I have a big family and a lot of friends who live here and as well as in India. They always support my work towards helping animals and people, so I’m grateful for them to have such a family and friends like that.