We have a new horse who joined our herd late last week: Ajax, a 23 year old QH Type gelding, was “rescued” some time ago, but for the last few years, he did not receive the care he needed. When his owners sold their farm, he was rehomed to someone who wanted him as a gaming horse, something he was far from able to be. The new owner tried to return him but his old owners couldn’t take him back. He was facing euthanasia when a caring and concerned family member reached out to SAFE, and happily, we were able to take him.

Ajax is in pretty rough shape: he’s thin and malnourished, with possible Cushings and an old injury to his right eye. His body condition score is a 3 so we are free feeding him timothy and alfalfa to get his weight back up. As he gets healthier, we will slowly add senior grain and haystack to his diet. Our vet will evaluate his injured eye to determine if we can make him more comfortable.

Despite his poor condition, Ajax is sweet and kind, and we are grateful for the chance to help him get healthy again. He seems quite happy in this new environment. And no matter who is lucky enough to adopt Ajax in the future, SAFE will always be part of his life to ensure that he always has a lifetime of safety, love, and care. Welcome to the herd, Ajax. We’re so glad that you’re here with us.