Blanche, despite being named for a Golden Girl, is neither old nor golden. She is a 6‑year-old BLM mustang mare whose white freezebrand is the only part of her that isn’t black. This lovely lady came in alongside Dorothy, and despite not having known one another before the trailer ride over, the two will forever be bonded as Golden Girls as well as SAFE horses.

Not much of Blanche’s pre-SAFE story is known to us. We are in the process of decoding her freezebrand to find out a bit more about her origins, but really all that we know of Blanche is that she was picked up by Pierce County Animal Control back in July in need of groceries and routine care. But despite having faced neglect, Blanche has a kind eye and a kinder spirit still. She had been gentled to a degree that made the basic handling we do with new intakes (those who allow it) a total breeze. The day after her arrival, we were able to trim all four of her feet without any issue whatsoever. We were also able to bring her into a stall later that same week, and have her seen by the vet for a much needed dental.

PCAC and the fosters they work with improved Blanche’s situation significantly, so by the time she arrived at SAFE she was in much better shape than she had been back in July. She still had a bit of weight to gain, and some logistics had kept her from seeing a vet for a float and vaccinations while at foster, but overall she was in good health. As is the case with any new intake, she will be given several weeks to settle in (and get past her intake quarantine period), but we will bring her into our horsemanship program soon to evaluate what all she knows and continue her on the path of being the best version of herself!