SAFE has been called on to help several owner surrendered neglected horses in the last few weeks. Because of the large number of adoption, we’ve had the space available to say yes to these requests, which is fortunate because these are all horses in desperate need of help. Our latest intake is a 25 year old mare named Daisy. Daisy came from a sad situation with an owner who struggled for many years to provide proper care for their two horses. The other horse was an elderly and untouchable stallion. Animal Control had been involved with this situation for quite some time, and made numerous attempts to work with the owner to improve the care.

Thankfully, the owner did reach out to a few rescue groups for help, including The Hayburner Project, who provided the horses with hay, and also raised funds for much needed veterinary care for the stallion. Help provided by The Hayburner Project was wonderful for Daisy and her friend. We all agreed, however, that this was a temporary fix for an ongoing problem. If the horses remained in this home, they would continue to suffer, especially during the winter when forage becomes scarce. So we worked together to come up with the best solution to this problem. The stallion was in rough shape, so it was quite a relief when the owner agreed to let him be humanely euthanized if SAFE would take the mare. Animal Control took responsibility for taking care of the stallion, and Daisy was loaded onto a trailer and headed to Redmond.

Daisy is a pretty mare, whose looks are not at all hampered by the fact that she only has one eye. She is very thin, however, so we are taking steps to safely get some good calories into her and get her healthy again. She’s a good sized mare with a very light bay coat, and she seems gentle and calm. We’ll be looking for a home for her as a companion horse once we’ve gotten her healthy again. She is certainly a horse who deserves a safe home where she’ll be well cared for the rest of her life.

Our sincere appreciation and thanks goes out to The Hayburner Project for everything they did to help Daisy and her friend. The Hayburner Project operates a hay bank in Washington state, and provides hay, feed and other basic necessities for horses when their owners are facing challenging times. To learn more about their work, please visit