Seventeen years ago, we named this rescue Save a Forgotten Equine, and in all that time, we have only rescued equines of the Equus Caballus variety. Recently however, we took in our very first longear — a lovely bay molly mule named Gabby. Gabby is very shy, having had no real handling up to the age of four, but she is slowly slowly learning to trust…thanks to our good friend Trisha who has taken Gabby on as a foster. Trisha fostered another formerly wild child for SAFE named Caramel, and gentled her so successfully that she ended up adopting her. Gabby is making slow, but steady progress which is exactly what she needs. Trisha has already shared multiple videos of her process with this sweet mule. Check them out below!


This video is the first time Gabby touched Trisha. What progress!

Trisha had this to say about Gabby: “She is starting to be more communicative with me, less shut down which is a great sign. We’ve also been working on moving together and passing in tight spaces without panicking — she’s starting to trust that I’m not going to reach out a grab her in the moments where she can’t see me.”