Jasper is a new addition to the herd here at SAFE. This striking Tennessee Walking Horse gelding was headed for the Game Farm in Sequim when a good samaritan stepped in to give him one more chance. Jasper has spent most of his life being passed from one home to the next, and thought no fault of his own, he’s become a challenging horse to deal with due to his lack of confidence and relaxation. He can be very nervous and is easily startled or spooked. But he’s already shown that he’s intelligent and desperately wants to make a connection with the people in his life. This horse is going to benefit from SAFE’s horsemanship program in a BIG way. We’ll be taking things very slowly with Jasper, and help him gain the confidence he needs for a much better quality of life.

Thank you to trainer Ken Siefer for recognizing the potential in Jasper and for taking the time to evaluate him and determine that he could be saved. Ken was able to achieve a big transformation in this horse in just three weeks, and we are very hopeful that we can continue what he started.

Jasper is about 13 years old, and is a gaited Tennessee Walking Horse. His unusual Champagne coloring gives him a quite striking appearance. As his health improves, we expect him to become quite the good looking horse! We don’t have much information about his background, but we are told that he’s been ridden extensively. We will be slowly restarting him under saddle if all goes well with his groundwork training.