Meet Pepper, formerly known as Filly #125!
This little one is proving to be brave, smart, and kind… with a good stubborn streak in there as well! Pepper likes her living area (a three sided shelter with mats), keeps it quite tidy, and has decided that her Timothy hay makes a better bed than dinner…and that yummy Alfalfa is far preferable to boring old Tim!!!

Due a LOT to the weather the past few weeks (but also, life.), our time has been much more limited than I would have liked, but this little one is making some lovely progress! She is learning how to lead with a lass rope, and has accepted and seeks out scratches on her face and shoulders, but is still not so sure about having a human hand on both sides of her neck at once. She is also very wary of things passing beneath her chin (as are most horses!), so we are doing a lot of halter prep work with the lass rope at this time. She’s doing hindquarter/ frontquarters and changing of eyes beautifully and leading all around her shelter with the lass.

Pepper has had the rope all over her body, around her legs and rump, and under her belly – and has accepted it all with style! A couple of half-hearted kicks the first few times it went around her rump, but nothing vicious; just trying to figure out if that would get rid of it.

Pepper pops right over to the fence when I come down for a hello sniff and scratch, and during work sessions she’s had some BIG releases in the lasso work that ended in a series of HUGE eye-rolling yawns; after which she’ll approach me to snuffle my ears and hair and stand hip-shot with me for several minutes – it is SO STINKING CUTE!

Excited for this little one’s future and progress!! Please fill out an application to adopt her today!