Volunteer rider Claire got to spend some time with Mesquite this past week. He is learning to trust new people and let go of his past. Claire is very quiet and patient with him. You can see from the photos what a handsome fellow he is becoming.

We continue to increase his feed and he is gaining weight steadily. Dr McCracken was out to the stables 2 weeks ago to give the new boys a dentals and their vaccine boosters. Both Mesquite and Hickory had a few sharp points and were very well behaved for the vet. While they woke up, Terry cleaned their sheaths which were badly needing to be done. They were perfect gentleman for all the work. The dental work along with a good amount of groceries, will have Mesquite filling out in no time. He was also seen by SAFE’s barefoot farrier, Marla Karabinos and she said he has wonderful feet. He may even be a candidate to remain barefoot since his feet are so nice.