Update from Jeanette who, with help from our friends at Sound Equine Options, went down and helped the owner of the horses in Castle Rock get the horses up to date on all their routine care: 

Miah — Owners state she has Khemosabi lines in her breeding. She was nice but took a little warming up to get her engaged. She allowed me to groom her in the initial group stall setting but we segregated her & Khianna in an adjacent stall once they were lightly sedated. Blue could see them but was not in the way of us handling them.

Vet says that she may have mild allegies, noting some crustiness discharge around her eyes, her rubbed out mane suspecting and itchy coat. They flushed her nasal passage in hopes of relieving some of the buildup in her ducts. The RIGHT duct was easy to flush but the left one was more difficult possibly indicating that it was more congested. Vet recommends flushing with every float or sedation.

She also has good mouth conformation & good feet (it was apparent that she passed on those good traits to her daughter, Shiloh)

Also recommended adding Oil to her diet: starting with a Tablespoon and working up gradually to 1/4 cup & having teeth checked annually but probably won’t need floats every year.