Mina finished her 60 days of professional training with Nick Donohue and made her way back to Safe Harbor Stables. This big beautiful mare has a gentle personality and the foundation to make some one a great riding partner. Since back with us she has spent some time working with Terry and going out on her first trail rides. She was a STAR and nothing on the trail bothered her. She even kept her cool calm disposition when 2 other horses on the ride decided that the children on the swings may try and jump on them and the troll living under the bridge was going to eat them! Seriously Mina was a CHAMP!

We really can’t say anything but praise for this mare. We are lucky to have such a great horse to offer the public for adoption and to highlight the training program through SAFE. She is ready to meet her new family! Come check her out and see if she is a what you have been waiting to find. We can promise she won’t stick around SAFE long!