Minnie is growing up to be a fantastic, smart little pony! Stunning, too! Minnie and SAFE volunteer, Lexee, participated in the Groundwork session of the most recent Joel Conner clinic and Minnie was a rock star! She was soft and easy going in a large class of other horses. She stayed attentive to Lexee and made great progress in working with the flag and learning to be treated with fly spray. She’s only one year old and she has a lot left to learn (obviously!) but with her sweet demeanor, she will make someone a great partner one day. Since the clinic, Lexee has continued to work with her with the flag. The two have graduated to working in the round pen, and Minnie is learning to feel Lexee’s cues from a longer distance away. In her second session, Minnie responded as if she’d been doing it for weeks. She’s very smart and progressing very well. And she’s cute. The full package!