Minnie came to SAFE in January 2021 as a 6‑month-old filly with her mother, Checkers. We recently weaned Minnie from her mother, but we were sure to give her an Auntie to comfort her. Aunt Teddi now shares a paddock with Minnie and the two get daily grass turnout together. You will always find Minnie right next to Teddi, being her shadow, as they make their way around the large grass field.

When Minnie first arrived, our vet let us know she was low on vitamin E, so we added Nano E to her evening grain. After about 11 weeks on the supplement, she showed improvement so we have started to slowly cut back on the dosage. We have to watch her for any unusual behaviors, such as excessive licking, but so far so good.

Our plan for Minnie is to spend a couple years growing up at SAFE. Once our little baby Coco is 6 months old and ready to be weaned from her mother, we will put Minnie and Coco together. They will grow up together as “sisters”, hanging out with the Aunt Teddi who will teach them horse manners.