We have started the gentling process with Montana. He is friendly but gets very worried about hands coming near the top of his neck where we need to tie off the halter. He has obviously had interactions with people in his past that did not go well. He is very stuck in his feet so his fear is exhibited in a “bottled up” expression, ready to blow at any moment. He was good to be roped and not spooked or afraid to be caught by the rope. Surprisingly he is also easily led forward which considering hiw troubled as he is, is a little bright spot. We hope that he is going to make it and change quickly. 

It’s frustrating to see the problems left behind by poor halter starting in a horse like Montana. This has caused him to be very afraid and dangerous for people to be around him. As we help him free up his feet, he may even get a bit more expressive and appear to be a bit more troubled as he goes from stuck to unstuck. But once his feet are free and he knows he is not trapped and can move, his comfort with people will increase. We’re already seeing some small changes each time we work with him. 

We are appreciative of the outpouring of interest in this handsome fellow. SAFE is committed to helping Montana learn to be a good citizen and then helping him find his ideal home. It will take time but that is our responsibility. We will not send him “down the road” to be at risk of not making it. We promise that when he is ready to meet adopters, we will shout it from the roof tops, but until then, please consider adopting one of the horses that are ready now. They have a lot to offer, and we promise that the training they’ve received here at SAFE is worth far more than just a pretty face.