There lives a permanent resident here at SAFE, one who is not kept within the boundaries of a fence. She stands with her head down all day, grazing a spot on the lawn that stays perpetually green beneath her feet. She doesn’t move at all, so well behaved is she. You could go as far as to call her statuesque — actually, you could go as far as to call her a statue, and you’d be correct, for that’s exactly what she is.

Many horses parade beside this lawn ornament daily on their way to grass or when they get a rinse from the hose, but it is located in such a way that rarely do they sniff noses with it. But when they do, it is often greeted with snorts of uncertainty and trepidation. What is that thing, and why does it look like me?

Montana is not one who is easily fooled by trickster horses, so this new friend was greeted more like foe by our smart pinto guy upon first sight. But he is also quite smart, and with someone he trusts at the end of his line, he’s more likely to brave the unknown and take a few risks, like grazing right alongside this metal mare. The grass is always greener, as they say, and that is indeed the case when the only horse in the field can’t actually eat.

It’s pretty cool that such a nervous guy like Montana can trust people enough these days to face some of his fears, to venture bravely into the unknown, and to make new friends.