Moshi is one of three Graham horses left at SAFE, and one of two currently available for adoption (Addie being the other, with Poppy still in her early days under saddle). While only started earlier this year, Moshi has made great progress as a riding horse, and is ready to start meeting adopters looking for a sweet little pony with a lot of spunk.

Indeed, Moshi is still a green horse, and therefore will need an adopter who is comfortable and familiar with what that entails, but she has a lot to offer that person. Even from the earliest days of her start, she was not one to buck, and has since continued to keep all four feet on the floor during her rides. She is in possession of a lot of life, however, which could potentially feel overwhelming to a rider more accustomed to a ‘woah’ ride. Because of this, she will need someone with a fair amount of confidence who will be able to support her through challenges under saddle. But Moshi’s life is also a gift, for it means she’s also very feel‑y of her rider, and makes for a fun little ride once she’s with them.

This is perhaps another main point of Moshi’s that needs addressing: she can still be herd bound. However, she has made tremendous strides in this department, for when she was first starting in work, it was nearly impossible to hear your own thoughts over the sound of her calling out to her friends. Now, while she will still call on occasion, it is taking her less and less time to “get with” her person and offer up her full attention. Yes, this attention needs some gentle managing to keep, but with the progress she has already made on this front, is is likely that with continued and consistent work, she will look to her person as her main support one day sooner rather than later. When she is really tuned in — which these days takes about 15 minutes — she is right with her rider, doing a great job of following a leg-defined line, and following a feel up and down.

On the ground, Moshi is a sweet girl to handle and be around. Perhaps it is her smaller stature combined with her curious personality, but she seems younger than her 6 years. Still, she is mature where it counts. And despite her monochrome color, there is something flashy about her too. It is easy to imagine her dolled up in a show ring. Maybe that’s where she will end up one day, with ribbons in her mane, and who knows, maybe it could be with you