Mac’s leg wound is slowly healing, but still requires bandaging and medication. Groundwork is helping him not being so upset with little things. He’s a worrier, and tends to get a little nervous about things like being fly sprayed or gently hosed off. He is good for the farrier, but needs a slow approach for vaccinations. He still doesn’t like pressure on his poll so we’re working on that so that he’ll be more comfortable with haltering. He is also something of a comedian and makes funny faces and lip gestures. 

Mac demonstrates significant pull back (resistance) on the lead when he gets nervous and can flip backwards. This is what caused Mac’s injury. It’s a serious danger both for Mac and for any future rider. We’re working to help Mac find the mental tools he needs so that backing up in a panic is not his first response when he gets nervous. Mac’s future adopter will need to be able to help him move forward with free feet, which will help boost his confidence.