Finally, we can shout it from the roof tops: Nashville has found a HOME!!

This very well-minded mare met a wonderful family and they accepted her for who she is and what she had to offer. Over the last few months this mare had met a few families but nothing came to fruition. When Anna and her husband Tim came across the state to meet Nashville they both fell in love and this deserving mare was a perfect match! We are confident that this pair will grow together with the support of her community and Nashville has found a loving forever home.

One delightful thing about this partnership is that despite Nashville only having a year under saddle, her gentle temperament is exactly what Anna wanted in a partner. They plan on having lessons with their local trainer and go on lots of long trail walks. Nashville is living at their home and has taken well to the companionship of their goats. Anna says: “She’s sassy but it’s part of her charm! She’s family now and stuck with us!”

We are elated to have found such an awesome family for this girl. She is going to have a beautiful loving home for the rest of her life! Happy trails, Nashville, and cheers to a bright future!