Looking cute for his ride with volunteer Anna

We had new shoes made for Phoenix and he is LOVING them! He is sound and moving great in them. David Barron and Gavin Cooper from Olympic Forge started trimming and shoeing horses for SAFE at the beginning of 2016. Phoenix has been struggling to find the right pair of shoes to help with his navicular syndrome. The shoes that Gavin made him seem to be making a big difference so far! Here’s more from his volunteer trainer and rider Jolene:

Phoenix has new shoes! And wow, does he feel good. He is lighter on his feet now, and you can really feel him thinking he can go the distance! The time off doesn’t seem to have had an effect on his memory. He is still light to most cues, just not as flexible in his body, which, is to be expected from his time off. Going forward, I will really be focusing on regulating his rhythm in all gaits, but especially in the trot. I have so much fun working with this goofy boy, and am really looking forward to getting him in shape for show season and finding him his forever home!