A pair of new glue-on shoes have really helped Phoenix’s tender toes! And look how well-behaved he was for his hoof preparation! He knew that farrier Jake Cowden was not going to hurt him. He’s such a sweet and trusting horse. 

So far he seems to be a lot more comfortable in his new shoes! Our plan is to stay with the glue-on shoes for one more shoeing cycle to allow him to grow more heel and correct his angles, but after that we hope to be able to switch back to regular shoes, possibly with pads. We can’t say at this point if he’ll be able to return to barefoot at some point in the future, but for right now this is how we’re going to keep him comfortable for riding,

Speaking of riding, Phoenix has been looking quite handsome during his training rides lately. The volunteer riders use both Western and English tack, and he goes nicely either way. He’s getting much more balanced, and can hold himself for longer amounts of time without getting “wiggly” the way he was during his rehab. He’s also been getting an extended amount of time in a larger turnout area, and that has greatly helped him be more focused during work. He is relaxed and seems to be enjoying the time in the arena. We’re hoping we can find a quiet friend to turn him out again with over the next few weeks.