We have taken things slow with Kat since she returned to SAFE. First we needed to get her dental updated and put her on a weight gaining plan. She was not getting enough calories before coming back to Safe Harbor so Melinda, our Herd Health Manager, set up a plan to slowly introduce more food and calories for Kat. It took a few months to get to her ideal weight and we then were able to start working her under saddle.

Once she was cleared to start working, things went very quickly. I was able to reintroduce riding without any issue. The adopter had kept her just as a companion. We have now been riding her for about 3 months and she looks great! No soundness issues and she keeps getting softer and more balanced. She has gone on a few trail rides and each time she is more relaxed and seems to enjoy the ride and human companionship more and more.

Here is a video showing a little bit of the work we have been doing with Kat at Safe Harbor: