Casey has done an exceptional job helping this sensitive mare direct her energy in positive ways. Just watching her, you can’t fully appreciation the amount of skill and tactful execution it takes to support this talented mare. We jokingly referred to Stella as a little sports car when she was started. But honestly it’s not a bad metaphor. If you’re used to driving a big ol’ honking truck and then you jumped into a race car and didn’t adjust your feel, you would probably be lucky not to wrap the car around a pole. You have to be a thoughtful driver with Stella and adjust to her, while keeping her balanced and feeling free to move. It is important for adopters interested in Stella to understand this point. She is sensitive. She can get troubled, so having a thoughtful rider who has experience with professional type forward horses is essential to her remaining a successful riding horse outside of the SAFE program. That said, we are hopeful that this petite mare will find a perfect partner, who understands her needs and is able to adjust to her. 

Here is what Casey had to say about their work over the past few months:


Stella had a busy and productive summer! We had the great fortune to ride with Buck Brannaman in Ellensburg, Nick Donahue in Arlington, and Joel Conner at SAFE. Stella did well in all settings, and, of course, we learned a lot. The last month has been a real period of growth for the two of us, and I’ve made some significant changes to the way I approach our work. With more clarity around significant braces on the ground and under saddle, I’ve been able to excavate some of the trouble that I’ve been feeling. With this new insight, I’ve gotten some big changes in her canter, and she’s really let down at the trot as well. I’m excited to see where the next couple of months take us. Stella has been a great and predictable partner in clinic settings, and I am grateful that SAFE supports taking the horses on intentional outings so that they can gain experience that will promote adoption.