A wise horse named Honeycutt once said “A horse is a thing that is round, not a thing that is flat and pointy. How can someone look at a horse that is flat and pointy and think it is an okay horse? A pointy horse is probably sad and very, very hungry.”

Edward, Cameron, and Daisy are pointy, and we’re asking you to join our campaign to make them round again! Because no horse should ever be forgotten, and no horse should EVER be pointy!
Our goal is to raise $20,000 in the next 10 days to help horses like Edward, Cameron, and Daisy. The good news is that we are starting this fundraiser way ahead! The SAFE community has already raised $5,000 for these horses, AND we have a $5,000 MATCHING CHALLENGE on the table from our dear friends at Svanee’s Foundation! Your gift today will be DOUBLED!
There are three easy ways to give:
  1. Use the form below to donate via credit card
  2. Mail a check to SAFE, PO Box 2769, Redmond WA 98073, or
  3. Click here to donate to our Facebook Fundraising campaign and 100% of your gift goes to the horses!