Kirsten AL worked alongside Bandit in the November Joel Conner clinic, and said the following about this smart lady:

This sweet 26 year old has never heard the saying, ‘ you can’t teach an old dog…’ because she continues to not only learn but enjoys the groundwork lessons together. Bending at a stop and starting again has become a favorite that we started in September. Bandit not only bends her head freely around to her barrel but does so with mostly level eyes and ears. While turning and bending, she wiggles her nose and has even stopped with her tongue sticking out from the side of her mouth. She completes this piece with the rope draped over her opposite side. Flag work has also become much easier for Bandit since September too. When we started, I could barely hold the flag and her at the same time. Now the flag can touch her all over her body and on her hind quarters and down her back legs. We are working forward on having the flag above her back and on the opposite side. The lessons that we are working on aren’t tricks as you might teach a dog, but are pieces to help Bandit to feel more confident, capable and balanced as she moves through her days. She is an absolute joy to work with!”