Lexee N rode Edward in the recent Joel Conner Clinic, and had the following to say about their experience together:

Edward has been a blast to ride. A gentle guy, working on his life and balance through horsemanship. This guys is ready for a home! His future is bright and he was impressing many at the Joel Conner Clinic.

Through the class, the main goal was to keep him lively off my legs by keeping him accurate to a smaller rectangle. All this means is that when I ask something of him, he should be responding within seconds of my good deal. By Sunday he was starting to become really responsive of my legs, drifting, hindquarters and moving out with my seat and position. We also made some great progress on his back up to prepare him better for front quarters movement. By backing straight and then reaching his outside front foot out and back this started to set him up further back to be able to pick up and cross his front foot over without falling forward. This is still difficult for him but each day was a step in the right direction.

We also worked on a soft feel. Which is a softness through the body as the feet come forward and through, with lift in the back as the body compresses. This can be a tough thing to learn when he’s not fully committed in self carriage on a loose rein, but he’s far enough along to try some soft feel in both the walk, trot and stop. He gave it a great effort and got quite a few without losing life and impulsion.

Edward is going to make someone a great riding companion. His goofy sweet demeanor will win the heart of some lucky adopter, hopefully in the near future!”