Casey A worked alongside Lancelot in the groundwork portion of the November Joel Conner clinic, and had the following to say about their time spent together:

It might be fair to say that Lance is unrecognizable from the unhalterable, dangerous stallion he was just a few short months ago. Since August, the SAFE horsemanship team has put in a lot of time helping him understand how to give to pressure and find balance in his feet, so it was time for him to gain experience and maturity through participation in the groundwork session of the Joel Conner Horsemanship clinic. He still has a significant changing eyes issue particularly when moving from left to right, and a clinic setting can really help us assess and excavate that issue since there is so much activity from horses and people on all sides. Over the course of the weekend, there were marked changes in his ability to move his hind softly to the right, and have the flag and coils of the rope pet him on and across his back and along his cinch area. This is something the team will continue to work on throughout the winter in preparation for a spring saddling.”