Casey A, who has been working with Moshi over the last months, took her in the riding portion of November’s Joel Conner clinic. Here’s what she had to say:

This week marks the first time Moshi participated in the riding session of the Joel Conner Horsemanship clinic. She had never been in the arena under saddle with so many other horses, and she navigated it with calm confidence. Even when I challenged her by “squeezing” her between two other horses, or between another horse and the arena wall, she remained untroubled, and followed my line. This wasn’t entirely a surprise, as she continues to struggle with being herd bound, and I assumed that having other horses in the arena would bring her comfort. This winter will bring a lot of opportunities to work on getting her to “tune in” more to me instead of her buddies, and I believe this will be the key to a successful adoption.”