Candi K has worked with Pepper since her return to SAFE, and has the following to say about their time spent together, specifically about their time in the riding portion of the November Joel Conner Clinic:


Who doesn’t love a little spice in their life? Pepper may be a common ingredient for some, but she is far from common in both personality and willingness to learn.  Since August of this year, I have had the great fortune to work with Pepper and attend three Joel Conner Horsemanship Clinics with her.

In all honesty in August, at the first clinic, Pepper was determined to show me that she was the spicy one in charge of our groundwork. She would not move off of me to the right, achieving successful hindquarters was challenging and backing up well, she had other plans. Together we worked on these exercises and in the September, we had shown improvement.

Fast forward to November where Pepper and I spent all three days in the saddle for clinic amidst 12 other riders and their horses. She was as cool as a cucumber maneuvering around the full arena. Never once was she bothered by all the other activity. We worked on moving forward and stopping from a feel, drifting the hind in a united circle, bending to a stop, hindquarters, trotting on a straight line and so much more. She stood quietly and patiently every time we had instruction from Joel. The three days were packed full of learning, and she was a champ. Did I mention the monsoons, thunder and windstorms? Pepper wasn’t fazed by it and could have cared less.

While Pepper can still be a bit pushy on the ground, we are setting more boundaries and she is a quick learner. Before clinic she would love to walk down the aisles of the barn a grab a snack from each the hay buckets in the aisle. She would also like to investigate the ground and not pay attention when walking, grooming and saddling. All these things have been cleared up and she is with me as we go through these daily routines.

I think everyone needs a little “Spice Girl” aka Pepper in their life. This sweet little mare will make a great addition for someone looking for a trail horse while filling their hearts and home with love.”