Our sweet little problem child Lacey has been making some great progress as of late. In an effort to obtain some positive behavior changes, we’ve started her back on Regumate for hormone balance so that she doesn’t go into season. On Regumate, Lacey seems more content with her life, showing happy (forward) ears and more nickering to people and other horses. At the rate with which changes have been happening in her training, her trainer believes the Regumate is a significant help to Lacey. Her trainer has been pushing her to new acceptance through rope work, particularly to be less sensitive to things touching her hind quarters, and Lacey is now back to regular groundwork in the round pen. Lacey’s trainer said the she is continually surprised and pleased in each session with being able to pick up where Lacey left off in the previous session and progress further and further each time. Training objectives remain being able to break through Lacey’s reactive insecurities and turn those into responsive actions going forward.