October 2, 2008

So Phoenix has a new teacher!!! [name removed] will be Phoenix’s trainer — we all met last night and — like everyone else — [name removed]  thinks Phoenix is the cutest thing :) [name removed]  has a degree in Equine Science and a National title to boot! She will be a great source of information on diet, exercise, and everything “horsey”

She is going to be working with him 2–3 days per week — I will be there for at least one session each week. Can’t wait to get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 11, 2008

Well, I have been having a heck of a time with finding trainers who didn’t back out at the last minute. After 3, I sort of gave up. Also, I was concerned that Phoenix didn’t have quite enough turnout time at his new home. I go and see him every evening and take him out for at least an hour but still feel bad. So, I have decided to move him back to Monroe — Edens Gate!!!!! I really like Julie’s place and feel that is where I want my baby to grow up. Plus, she can help me work with him. The only downside is I will only see him 3–4 times per week now, but I believe this is the best thing for him.

He will be moving out to Julie’s in mid-November — and hang out with the SAFE crowd there — Hope, Annie, Willow, Whiskey, and Cedar.

October 27, 2008

I couldn’t wait any longer so yesterday Julie and I moved Phoenix to Edensgate!!!!!! He loaded fairly easily and hauled great. I spent some time with him introducing him to his new home and tucked him in his new stall safe for the night before leaving.

Today is his first time out with the new herd — have to say that upon our arrival the resident boys were very excited to see the new “kid” — so we walked over and met them. They were very sweet, no squealing like at the last place — I told Phoenix that he was going to be with some nice guys. I am sure he will be fine although I am going through withdrawals now that I won’t see him every day.