Thank you to everyone who came to this event! It was a very fun and educational day! Photos from the event can be seen here:

Thank you to all our vendors and presenters! Special thanks to Blanket Express Equine Laundry for providing pizza for the volunteers and PCC-Redmond for providing snacks for our visitors!

Join us on Sunday July 9th from 12–4pm for SAFE’s 2nd annual Equine Wellness Expo. We have an exciting line up of equine professionals who will speak on a variety of topics:

-12 pm Dr. Eric Renner, from Rainland Farm Equine Clinic, will be talking about how to spot lameness in your horse and showing us the lameness locator tool and how it works.

-1 pm Courtney Dale, from Olson’s Tack, will speak to us about saddle fitting and how to insure your saddle is not h

-2 pm Julie DeWard, from Mt Rainer Equine Veterinary Services, will discuss equine gastrointestinal health and explaining ulcers and best feeding practices for horses of all ages.

-3 pm Lori McMaster, owner of Alpine Ridge Equine Massage and Bodywork, will be showing us the useful practice of equine massage and how kinesiology tape is benefiting horses of all types.

We’ve invited a terrific group of vendors who will be on site, as well as a giant used tack sale!!